Raymond E. Walton American Legion Post #70


We are happy to provide our Newsletters for you on this webpage.  The advantages of reading it here are that the calendars are linked to our website's EVENTS CALENDAR, which is updated more often than the quarterly Newsletter is published.  Events do change and the paper copy then contains errors. 

Also, the entire Newsletter can be enlarged on-screen if you require larger print.  Just hold the control (Ctrl) key down and type the + key.
Lastly, you can print out the Newsletter yourself if you have legal size paper and a compatible printer any time you want to and share with family and friends.

If you find this method of keeping up with our Post news more convenient for you and you don't need a paper copy mailed anymore, just let us know.
Send an email using this email form to our Adjutant, Ernie Henry.  Thank you for your support!


Latest Post 70 Newsletter

REVISED 11/9/2023!  Quarter 4 2023 - Post 70 Newsletter


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Quarter 1 2023 - Post 70 Newsletter

Quarter 2 2023 - Post 70 Newsletter -- corrected 4/29/2023

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